Transcript of Bible records taken from the Bible of
Sarah Jane Ellen Emmert Scalf and in the possession
of her daughter, Laura Scalf McGinnis, who resided
on Mascot Road in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee in
June, 1967.

Jeremiah Emmert died July 2, 1896 and was 70 years, 21 days old.

Jeremiah Emmert and Francis Moodie were married January 30, 1848

Francis Moodie was born November 30, 1832.

Jeremiah Emmert was born June 11, 1826.

Elizabeth Emmert was born December 29, 1849

Catherine Emmert was born September 15, 1850

Marianne Emmert was born November 25, 1852

Peter W. Emmert was born December 25, 1854

David Swetenburg Emmert was born September 30, 1856

John Miller Emmert was born January 29, 1858

Harriet Levina Emmert was born March 24, 1862

Sarah Jane Ellen Emmert was born September 11, 1864

Solomon D. Scalf and Sarah J.E. Emmert were married September 5, 1880

Harriet Sudy Scalf was born January 5, 1882

Samuel Washington Scalf was born February 24, 1884

Mattie Lou Sindie Scalf was born February 15, 1887

Laura Zeal Scalf was born November 30, 1890

M.J. Carl Scalf was born March 3, 1892

Henry Clay Ivenes Scalf was born April 16, 1895

Myrtle Ethel Mary Scalf was born June 4, 1897

Ivia Minnie Bell Scalf was born September 14, 1899

Dorthie Pearl Scalf was born September 7, 1902

Robert Bruce Scalf was born December 22, 1905 and died June 28, 1913

Ivia Minnie Bell Scalf and Charlie Leonard Norman were married August 22, 1916

Charlie Leonard Norman was born July 6, 1897

T.J. Norman was born October 29, 1917.

Floyd Campbell and Sudie Scalf were married August 21.

Myrtle Scalf and T.G. Campbell were married April 19, 1913

Alma Gertrude Campbell was born April 23, 1914 and died January 5, 1916

Mat Houd Campbell was born March 7, 1916

Dossie Eller Campbell was born ......(no further entry)

S.C. Humphreys was born April 7, 1906

David Frank Humphreys was born October 7, 1907

Edith Florence Humphreys was born September 14, 1909

James Willie (Wiley) Humphreys was born July 28, 1911

Suda Riva Bell Humphreys was born September 8, 1913

Lucy Irene Humphreys was born July 17, 1915

Laura Scalf married Abraham Bolling on March 7, 1910

Note: 1. These entries recorded on photographs 000192 thru 000201.
Note: 2. S. C. Humphreys is interestingly Sarah Catherine. Why abbreviated is unknown.
Note: 3 Bill Emmert is a half-brother to Jeremiah's children, born after he and Francis were separated.
Note: 4. Harriet Sudy Scalf is more often listed other places as Sudy Harriet Ann Scalf. This is her Mother's bible,
 but ???
Note: 5. Dorthie Pearl Scalf is usually listed as Dorthea Pearl Scalf.