March 3, 1892 - Unknown

Carl was born in Watauga, TN, the 5th child of Solomon David and Sarah Jane Ellen Emmert Scalf. He was a heavy equipment operator, operating a steam drill, steam shovel, etc. at rock quarries and occasionally at a mine. On January 28, 1911 he married Mary Porterfield and they had 6 children. In 1923, Carl left Mary and the children in Strawberry Plains, TN, stayed in the area a short time, then proceeded in the company of Anna Mae Warwick (later married a White) to Norton, VA where he worked in a coal mine and lived with his brother some while there. Carl left Anna Mae in Norton. He later worked in a rock quarry in Easley, SC and was said to have left there in late 1935. While in Easley, he lived with the Sheriff family, the last member of which died in 1965. He was believed returning to the Strawberry Plains when he left Easley.

No concrete information has been received on his whereabouts since 1935. If any contact was made with the family or friends after that, it was kept a secret. His sisters all died without admitting (to his wife or her side of the family) that they knew anything further of his whereabouts. A check by his wife with the Social Security Administration in Knoxville and Washington D.C. indicated that no one by the name of Marshall Carl Scalf (not sure if they tried similar names) had ever filed for Social Security.

It was said that checks with the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Nashville, TN, turned up no evidence of an official name change. Since they also had a Strawberry Plains company, it was speculated that Carl worked later for the Birmingham Slag Co., but checks came back negative.

Mary, his abandoned wife, never remarried and never gave up hope before her death. His children never fully healed from the scars of his abandoning the family. As of this writing, only Louise and Fred are alive, and both are ailing.

Updated 7/27/95