Sep 11, 1864 - Apr 3, 1946

Sarah Jane was born in Watauga, Tennessee, the 9th child of Jeremiah and Frances Moody Emmert.  She was said to be the prettiest of the Emmert girls and could read and write.  She married Solomon David Scalf on September 5, 1880 and they had 13 children, of whom 3 died at birth.  In talking with those who knew her personally, Sarah Jane was said to be a very good housekeeper and was well thought of by everyone.  All those interviewed had a lot of praise for her and nothing to say against her.  She was often described as a Afine lady@.  She was able to blot severe shock from her mind, lapsing into periods of amnesia at the deaths of her husband ABud@ and her last child Robert Bruce.

Sarah Jane is buried in a marked grave in the Scalf Cemetery at Watauga, Tennessee.