Members of the Scalf family buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Knoxville, Tennessee as of July, 1967. It is possible that others are buried there, but they would be female members whose names have changed at marriage.

Name  Lot  Section  Burial Number
Alexander Scalf  73C K 3620
Katherine Scalf  73C K 3917
Mrs. Jane Smith Scalf (1) 278 N 5916
Mrs. Willie Scalf (Mrs. Sam) (2) 723  Va 6589
Mrs. C.M. Scalf (6) 328 Y 8982
Michael David Scalf (3) 16B Q 9681
Thomas Nelson Scalf (4) 17 Y 10750
Pauline Scalf 382 Y 11087
James S. Scalf 60A M 12717
Elbert S. Scalf 93 K 12970
Mrs. Jessie Scalf (5) 93 K 13050
Martha Scalf Williams Mowl 93 K 13086
(1) Mrs. Jennie Scalf owns a 8 grave lot in this location. The marker has two names on it in reverse sides and sides are labeled "Mother" and "Brother". Reverse side lists ___?__ E. Smith, Colonel, Air Service Prod. Troop, died Oct. 17, 1918.

(2) No marker on this grave.

(3) Infant. No marker on this grave.

(4) Headstone has the name Scalf on one side and Ford on the opposite side.

(5) Third wife of Elbert Sevier Scalf. [Information from Thomas Henry (Tom) Scalf, Jr. on May 18, 2006 indicates Elbert Sevier Scalf (his Grandad) first married Pearl Riddle in the summer of 1904 when he was in his late teens.  It was a very short marriage. His second wife, Rosa Carroll, bore all of his children.  Rosa and three of her children who died in infancy are buried in Lovelace Cemetery in Lovelace, Tennessee.]

(6) C.M. Scalf is the half-brother of Ollie Scalf of Knoxville.