1870 Census

46th Dwelling
46th Family                 Click HERE to view the Microfilm (loads slowly)

David SCALF 52 Farmer Cannot write born in NC
Susanna SCALF 47 keeping house illiterate born in TN
Nancy Jane SCALF 22
Mary E. SCALF 21
Solomon D. SCALF 8
Sarah E. SCALF 6
William M. SCALF 4

NOTE - This is the "infamous" Daniel census record. It is the opinion
of this writer that a simple transcription error occurred and without
any other evidence to the contrary, there is absolutely no reason to
believe that David Scalf also had the name Daniel. Look at the following
copy right from the census report yourself. Look for David. Now look
for Daniel. I believe it was a simple matter of a person who went door
to door and made notes, and later that person or another read David
as Daniel and wrote it that way, or the person who read this record
to be typed just read it wrong. As for me -- this says David and I
recommend we leave it at that.  Bob Scalf  5-16-2001