Edited by Bob Scalf to include only essential information: SCEALF also a SCALF !?!?

My name is Charles Scealf and I live in Walhalla, SC. I started researching my ancestry a few years ago and have concluded that the "Scealf" name was once "Scalf". As an amateur, I'm not smart enough to know how to validate this. It all seems to have began with Lewis' son William and wife Susan when they migrated to Habersham County from Greenville, SC. After leaving Habersham, William and Susan actually moved to Jackson County Alabama before moving to Dade County, Georgia. This family is listed in the 1870 Dade County Georgia census, William had already died of palsy by this time. Their son also named William was 41 that year and had taken a wife Mary and became the parents of several children. His mother Susan was 79 and
still living with him. Susan was listed as a widow on the census. It is with the 1870 census that the name Scealf first appears for this household but I feel certain they were once "Scalf's". It could have been an error by the census taker but it also explains why there is no history of the Scealf name prior to this and it also leaves me with the mystery and uncertainty as to why the spelling was continued this way. William was my GGG Grandfather. His son Albert P. actually lived next door to me when I was very small, 1 or 2 years old in Walker County Georgia. William and wife Mary are buried in a small cemetery near the Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia State Lines near where they worked in Cole City. I am currently not able to do much research at the time due to my work, and travel is usually on weekends which doesn't lend research to court records. I would like to see you confirm and document as much of this as possible because I believe it to be an important part of the Scalf History and allows a starting point for the Scealf's as it does with other variations of the name. If you are interested in talking with me, I can be reached by telephone at [available on request] or by email to rockndon@statecom.net.