The Scalf's of East Tennessee have always been one of the major mysteries of the family. The books that have been written treat this group very lightly because there is more that we do not know, than there is that we know.  In my line we have David Scalf who married Susannah (Susan, Sude) Smalling and they had 5 children: Nancy Jane, Elizabeth, Solomon David, Sarah Elizabeth,  and William.

Jean Purvis <cj e a n p u r v i s @ j u n o . c o m> came forth some weeks ago and greatly increased our knowledge of the Sarah Elizabeth Scalf line, and even provided a photograph of Sarah Elizabeth. I will post that very soon.

Now, Patricia Miller <s p m i l l e r 1 @ a o l . c o m> has provided a very interesting brain teaser and I ask for those of you who are interested and have access to various public records to help dig into this and let's see how the information correlates (dates, names, etc etc). Here is the hypothesis or question:  This is not yet proven!!

"Elizabeth" above was actually Mary Elizabeth Scalf. Like her sister Sarah Elizabeth Scalf, she never married to our knowledge. I show Elizabeth having 3 children: William, Robert and Caldonia. If what Patricia Miller has provided from her family diggings is correct, Caldonia was called Callie which is a common usage. 

William was actually William David

There is even more evidence that Mary Elizabeth and Sarah Elizabeth were different people: Caldonia was known as Callie and next to her grave in Highland Cemetery in Elizabethton is buried Mary Elizabeth. Also buried there is David Scalf and Patricia Miller says "William" was William David. Only Robert is not there it seems. 


From we have this which relates to above.

Callie Scalf  b.1876  d.1928 buried Highland Cem. Elizabethton, Tn. Carter County
    Kent Scalf  b. ?   d.1971
           Kent was said to take in homeless children. 
            Ray Scalf ??? 
    Lloyd Scalf   b. ?   d. 1971 
       +Maude Shaw 
           Elmer B. Scalf b.1927--- d. 11/13/2000 
       +Ruby Hall ? 
           Darrell Hall 
    Ada Zella Scalf   b. ?  d. 1968 
        +_______ Blackburn 
           Inez Blackburn b. ?
           Ada had other children but I don't know all of them 
    George Scalf  b. 1908  d.1942 
     Inez Elizabeth Scalf  b.1910 d. 1983  (Grandmother )
       +Raymond L. Mckinney b. 1907------d. 1989 
          Barbara J. Mckinney b. 1934-----d. 1997 (Mother)
            +William Jack Renfro b. 1932 
            +James R. Poarch b. 1932-----d. 1995 
          Vivion L. Mckinney b. 1935 
          Jo Ann Mckinney b. 1945 

Next to Callie's grave in Highland Cem. Elizabethton, Tn. Carter Co. 

Mary Elizabeth Scalf b. 1850-----d.1923 
David Scalf b. 3-14-1881---d. 1942 
Robert Scalf b. 2-7-1874---d.1-25-1913 

Hope you can understand this let me know if you think this could be the Elizabeth of David & Susan Smalling Scalf.