Transcripts taken from a book entitled
History of the Revolutions in Europe, 1838,
which was owned by William Jackson Scalf 
and in the possession of his grandaughter,
Mrs. Rhoda Peeks Motychak, of Watauga, 
Tennessee in June, 1967. Entries were written
in the book by hand, some were in green ink
written by quill.

Mary Scalf was born September 9, 1863

James Scalf was born August 12, 1866

Modinay (Modina) Scalf was born July 6, 1869

Loid (Lloyd) Scalf was born July 20, 1872

Molissie (Molissa) Scalf was born December 19, 1874

Rhoda Scalf was born April 3, 1877

Granddaughter Rhoda Peeks was born January 2, 1893

Lucy Scalf was born June 6, 1886

M.E. (Mary Elizabeth) Scalf will be 52 on February 24, 1890

Theodore Motychak was born March 2, 1879

Rhoda Motychak was born January 2, 1895

Eliza Hubbard was born August 24, 1912

William Hubbard was born November 20, 1914

Howard Motychak was born September 30, 1920

Ruth Motychak was born May 6, 1926

Olga Motychak was born September 9, 1928

Elsie Hubbard .......... (unable to read from photocopy)

As well as William Jackson Scalf's name inside the front and
back covers of the book, it is of interest that S.D. (Solomon
David) Scalf had penned his name inside the back cover.