Collection of Photographs

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Scalf Cemetery, Watauga, Tennessee
Tombstone of Thomas Nelson Scalf 7 0055
Tombstone of Minter A. & Eva Roach Scalf 8
Tombstone of Sarah Jane Ellen Emmert Scalf 6 0145
Tombstone of Solomon David Scalf 6 0146
Tombstone of Robert Bruce Scalf 6
Tombstone of William Jackson Scalf 6 0149
Tombstone of Nancy A. Tester Scalf 2, 6 0155
Tombstone of Pearl Scalf 0162
Tombstone of T. Grimsley Campbell 5, 6 0163
Tombstone of Moliccie (Molissa) Scalf 1 0161
Tombstone of Martha Scalf Williams Mowl 3, 7 0058
Tombstone of George W. Mowl 4, 7 0057
Tombstone of Davy Crockett & Nancy Jane Scalf 10
Tombstone of Peter Scalf 6 0148
Tombstone of Mary Emmert 6, 11 0157
Tombstone of Thomas Jefferson Scalf 12, 13  
Tombstone of Martha Hammonds Scalf 12, 13  
          (1) Daughter of William Jackson Scalf, Granddaughter of Malachi Scalf
          (2) Nancy A. Tester Scalf was the Wife of Peter D. I. Scalf
          (3) Not yet fully identified
          (4) Husband of Martha Scalf Williams Mowl
          (5) Husband of Myrtle Ethel Mary Scalf, daughter of Solomon David Scalf
          (6) Scalf Cemetery, Watauga, Tennessee
          (7) Woodlawn Cemetery, Knoxville, Tennessee
          (8) Strawberry Plains, Tennessee
          (9) Watauga, Tennessee
        (10)  Nelle Cook provided. Located in Pine Grove Cemetery, Mcarthur,
                   Shasta Co., CA.
        (11)  Mary Scalf Emmert, daughter of  William Jackson Scalf, died at age
                 21. She was married to George A. Emmert and was the mother of
                 James L. Emmert, born ~1880.
        (12)  Virgil B. Scalf provided.
        (13)  Concord Cemetery in Flat Lick, KY