Collection of Photographs

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Isaac Scalf, 1901-1903 U.S Army ...Thanks to Kevin Scalf (Note 15) 15  
Isaac Scalf and his wife Elizabeth, circa 1910 15  
Isaac Scalf, son of John M. Scalf, on porch circa 1930 15  
Monie Scalf Patterson 1 0002
Solomon & Sarah Emmert Scalf & Family 3 0006
Matilda (Tilda) Scalf daughter of Malachi Scalf 0012
Solomon & Sarah Emmert Scalf 0020
Ivia Scalf Dennison 0022
Myrtle Scalf Campbell 0034
William Jackson Scalf in Civil War Uniform 7 0046
William Jackson Scalf & Mary Elizabeth Foust 7 0045
U.S. Post Office, Scalf Kentucky in 1967 0075
U.S. Post Office, Scalf Kentucky in 2008 15  
U.S. Post Office, Scalf Kentucky in 2008 15  
House where Fred R. Scalf born, Robert B. Scalf died 9 0089
Home of Solomon David & Sarah Emmert Scalf
Richard & Martha Patty Porterfield, parents of Mary Porterfield  Scalf 6
Mary Porterfield Scalf 4 0252
Willie Morgan Scalf Family 10
Willie Morgan Scalf 10
Sarah Elizabeth Scalf
Hazel Scalf
David C. Scalf 11
Nancy J. Scalf 11
Paul Herman James, son of Rachel & Paul 11
Paul James and Rachel Dovey Scalf in 1893 when they were married 11
Noah Morgan James, son of Paul James & 2nd Wife 11
Edney Maude James, daughter of Paul & Rachel Dovey James 11
Warner Wesley James son of Paul & Rachel Dovey James 11
Ellen Spivey, wife of Malachi Scalf 8
Death Certificate of Ellen Spivey 8
James Scalf family 1890 13  
Mary Scalf Mills about 1911 14  

          (1) Daughter of Daw W. Scalf, of Scalf Indian River Medicine
          (2) Nancy A. Tester Scalf was the wife of Peter D. I. Scalf
          (3) L to R front: Pearl, Myrtle, & Ivia; L to R back: Mattie, Laura, & Carl
          (4) Wife of Marshal Carl Scalf at home of Louise Scalf Goforth, Dandridge, TN in July 1967
          (5) Husband of Myrtle Ethel Mary Scalf, daughter of Solomon David Scalf
          (6) Buried in Trentville Cemetery, Strawberry Plains, TN
          (7) Old photo in possession Rhoda Peeks Motychak, Watauga, TGN 1967
          (8) Provided by Steven Miller
          (9) Watauga, Tennessee
        (10)  Provided by Sharon Scalf Ratliff,, Kimper, KY
        (11)  Provided by Bea James King, daughter of Paul Herman James
        (12)  Provided by Jean Purvis
        (13)  Provided by Rhoby Wayne Rasch
        (14)  From an old cracked photo from Mary Mills Bogar by her son Dean Bogar 2007-10-07
        (15)  Provided by Kevin Scalf, UNC Greensboro, formerly of Florence, KY