Excerpts from records and interview with Mrs. Gladys Lee Ledford Weaver, 117 Sanford Lane, Oak Ridge, Tennessee on June 27, 1967:

William Henry Scalf
buried in KY
married Drucilla Whettle
Born in VA
James Wesley Scalf
born May 12, 1862
in Sullivan County.
Buried in Happy Valley
Memorial Gardens between
Elizabethton & Johnson City, TN
married Margaret Lee Temple
Born Apr 8, 1865
in Greenville, TN
Buried in Happy Valley
Memorial Gardens between
Elizabethton & Johnson City, TN
Thomas Arthur Ledford
born June 12, 1889
married Angie Rhud Scalf
born Oct 2, 1898
[her questionnaire says 1897]
Johnson City, TN
lives 400 N. Elm in Elizabethton
George Sherfey Weaver married Gladys Lee Ledford


1. William Henry was a runner for the North in the Civil War, was caught and shot as a spy.

2. Drucilla Whettle Scalf had to let the children stay with others after William Henry Scalf died. Years later she married a Miller in Johnson City (Knob Creek Section).

3. Angie Rhud Scalf's brothers are M.T. Scalf of Knoxville, and Lawrence Lacy (he said Lacy Lawrence) Scalf of San Diego, CA. Her half-brother is Rollie (Raleigh?) Miller and half-sister is Eula Mae Miller (married Jack R. Weaver).

4. James Wesley Scalf came from VA at age 6. He was a policeman in Johnson City, TN and opened a store and restaurant and met his wife there. He and his brothers and sisters (as yet unidentified) lived with the Sellers? family and all took the Sellers? name except James Wesley. This will all have to be sorted out. [There is a story about a similar situation with the Sellards family on pp. 119-122 of Chronicles of the Scalf Family, but the names do not match.] His older brother Henry lived with a strict religious family, the Dunkards, until age 21. Henry drowned in the Nolachucky River.

5. A phone conversation with Lacey Lawrence Scalf, then residing at 2942 Capps, San Diego, phone 298-5937, revealed that he was a bachelor and his birthday as Oct 13, 1896. He said his father was James Wesley Scalf and mother was "Maggie" Temple, thus providing her nickname. He provided the information about the children living with the Sellers? and that James Wesley had a brother Henry.

Lacy also stated that his grandfather was killed in the battle of Richmond, VA which supports the comments of Mrs. Weaver (in 1. above) above.