Notes taken from an interview with John McGinnis and Laura Scalf McGinnis, Mascot Road, Strawberry Plains, Tennessee in June 1967.

Laura Scalf, age 28, married John McGinnis, age 20, on October 17, 1922.
The license was issued on October 16, 1922 and the ceremony was performed
by Adam Meek, J.P.

John McGinnis was born May 31, 1903 at Mooresburg, Tennessee (Hawkins County).

Names of the children of David Humphreys and Mattie Scalf as they remember:

    Frank (David Frank)
    Sarah Catherine
    Florence (Edith Florence)
    Wally (James Wiley)
    Reve (Suda Riva Bell)
    Lucy (Lucy Irene)
    Novella (Amanda Novella)
    Curtis (Willie Curtis)
    Lola (Lola Elizabeth)
    Clarence (Clarence Ross) nicknamed "Tip"

Elizabeth Emmert married John Whitehead. He was killed by a train about
1923 or 1924.

Catherine Emmert married a Vest.

Marianne Emmert married Bill Scalf.

Harriet married a Miller.

Another child of Jeremiah Emmert and Frances Moodie was Bill.
He was said to be a half-brother, Frances having him after separating
from Jeremiah.

Jeremiah married a girl in Missouri and possibly moved to Arkansas.
[At first, this did not check out because Jeremiah died at Watauga 
and was living with his second wife at the time. However, a Jeremiah Jr.
has turned up who did live in Missouri and had a daughter Lydia.]

The Emmert brothers as we remember them were Jerry [Jeremiah Jr.], 
George, Dave, John and half-brother Bill. [These would be sons of

They tried to place an "Aunt Lydia" they knew and thought it might
have been Elizabeth, but this is unconfirmed. [1995 research turned
up Jeremiah Jr. (Jerry) and daughter Lydia.].

[1995 added annotation shown in brackets.]

Note from FRSjr -- I have birth and marriage info on the Humphreys
children listed above.