Excerpts from a phone conversation and interview with Major Temple Scalf at his home at 807 Cedar Lane, Knoxville, TN (Fountain City) in June 1967:

Major Temple Scalf born Sept 23, 1906, married Wilma Jean Long

Children: Sheila, Dianne, Darrell, and Temple

Father: James Wesley Scalf - lived to be 94. Buried between Johnson City and
    Elizabethton in Happy Valley Memorial Gardens.

Brothers and Sisters:

    Rawleigh Miller - half-brother, died of a blood clot in Savannah, GA.
  Buried in Happy Valley Memorial Gardens.

    Lacy Lawrence Scalf - owned a concession near Laguna Beach or
        Balboa, CA
when last heard from. Would be 65-70 now.

    Angie Rhud Scalf - [a completed questionnaire is on file from her]

    Eulah Miller - half-sister, married John R. Weaver

M.T. said I should talk with Mrs. George Weaver in Oak Ridge to see a letter written to him from an E.O. Scalf in California. Also said she might have some old records and photos.

M.T. Scalf gave the following biographical sketch of his father, parts of which are included as notes added to the interview with Gladys Weaver:

    James Wesley Scalf came from Virginia at the age of 6. He married the
    widowed Margaret Lee Temple Miller. Her two children by the Miller
    marriage were Eula and Raleigh. They are buried in the Happy Valley
    Memorial Gardens between Elizabethton and Johnson City, Tennessee.
    James Wesley was a policeman in Johnson City. His older brother, 
    Henry, lived with a very religious family (Dunkards) until the age of 21.
    Henry drowned in the Nolachucky River.