Excerpts from a recorded interview with Mrs. Rhoda Peeks Motychak at her house in Watauga, Tennessee in June 1967. Present at this, the first of two interviews (the second was recorded), made in June were Mrs. Geneva Hammon, Myrtle Scalf Campbell, and Ivia Scalf Dennison. Interview made by Fred R. Scalf Jr. of Knoxville, Tennessee.

There were 3 brothers that came over from North Carolina. Mac (Malachi) was the oldest, then Dave (David), and Ben (Benjamin). Mac and Dave fought in the Civil War, but Ben was too young. They had a sister Sarah who married Levi Taylor and they were said to be witches back then. There was also another sister I believe, but I never knew her.

[Ed. Note: Above transcript not verbatim. Initial census report checks in Carter County, 1850 and 1880, do not support Mrs. Motychak's statement that Malachi was the oldest. When challenged, however, she affirmed the statement. The observed clarity of her mind, her almost unbelievable memory for old facts, and the reliability of other information she provided tend to support her case and point out the possibility that either census errors or lack of knowledge of correct age by one or both of the brothers. This conflict will, of course, be resolved when more documents are checked. The age difference only amounts to a couple of years with David the oldest from these reports; this is certainly within the limits of common errors of age prevalent in those times. There also exists the possibility of generational differences as there seem to be Malachi's and David's in a couple of generations.]

When asked to name Malachi's children and who they married, she stated without hesitation: (in order of birth)

      Malachi Scalf first married Anna Lacy
            William married Elizabeth Foust
             Jim married Mary Ann Emmert
             Tilda never married

      Malachi Scalf then married Ellen Spivy
             Nelse married Nancy Milhorn
             George married Lula Scalf
             Sam married Ellen Robinson
             John married Nannie Gobble
             Charlie married Neddie Carr
              Sarah married Bob Richards
              Mag married a Berry
              Bell married a Richardson

Additional remarks concerning the above:

Mrs. Motychak's mother was William (Jackson) Scalf's daughter. Her father, Jerry Peeks, remarried when her mother died and she went to live with her grandfather, William J. Scalf. He raised her and it was living with her grandfather that enabled Mrs. Motychak to grow up with many of the people she named. Those that she knew otherwise, such as the three Scalf brothers, would come to her house and visit and as she so aptly put it, "They'd tell stories about the Civil War and other things. They'd laugh a while, and cry a while, and drink a while".

      John Scalf was a Holy Roller.
      Neddie Carr died of cancer.
      Malachi was the great-grandfather of Mrs. Motychak.

[This information ties to Woodlawn Cemetery records in Knoxville, Tennessee obituary for Thomas Nelson Scalf who died at age 85 on March 22, 1957.  His wife was Nancy Melhorne Scalf, sisters Mrs. Margaret Scalf Sams and Mrs. Bell Scalf Sams of Knoxville, and brother John Scalf of Johnson City. His son was listed as Gaines Scalf of Knoxville and daughter as Mrs. Virgie Scalf Ford of Knoxville. Survived by 9 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchilden.  This information was submitted by FRSjr and included on page 199 of Scalf Family Chronicles.]