Excerpts from a recorded interview with Mrs. Rhoda Peeks Motychak at her house in Watauga, Tennessee in June 1967. Present at this, the second of two interviews that month with Mrs. Motychak, were Mrs. Geneva Hammon, Mrs. Mary Porterfield Scalf, Mr. Gene Barker, and Mr. Fred R. Scalf Jr. Information recorded from the earlier interview and repeated in this has been omitted.

David (Dave) Scalf's children were:
   Solomon David Scalf (Bud) was the oldest [Ed note: Sarah & Nancy were older]
   William Scalf (Will)
   Sarah Scalf
   Nancy Jane Scalf
   Elizabeth Scalf

Nancy Jane Scalf married Eli Peeks (my grandfather). Their children:
   Jerry Peeks (my Daddy) was the oldest [Ed note: Lorene (Renie) was older]
   Athie Peeks
   Lorene Peeks
   Texana Peeks 3 girls and 2 boys in all!
   David Peeks

Lorene's children:
   Lena (Lena Turner; was in the hospital in June 1967. She had 9 boys & 1 girl)
   Robert - was drowned in the Tennessee River at Knoxville

Addie [living with Levi & Sarah Taylor in 1880 census] married John Emmert, the
brother of Sarah Jane Ellen Emmert (Solomon David Scalf's wife). Addie's boy was
Jessee. Addie had a brother named Ike (Isaac) and they were Benjamin's children.

David Peeks married a Bowers. Their children:
   Cristal - has 4 red-headed boys

Mark & Sherry Reeter
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CORRECTION for interview info. below:
  old home place is in Bunker Hill Community
of Sullivan Co., TN  McKinley "Ken" was my great-uncle and lived across the road
from my grandmother (his sister) Mary Elizabeth Scalf Lyons.  McKinley "Ken"
married Alma Walker.

Ike (Isaac) and Addie (living with the Taylors) were Ben's children. Ike's youngest boy
was McKinley and he lived at the homeplace in Watauga for several years. McKinley
married a Walker.

      During the Civil War, Malachi and his boys Bill (William J.) and Jim were on
the North (the Yankee side) and Dave was on the Rebel side. They were fighting
at South Watauga. The Yankees had their artillery on Bogart Knob. Actually,
Mac was too old to do much fighting and his wife was in bed. His daughter Tilda
was a young girl of 15 at the time.
      Jim (Pete or Skipper's daddy) saw Uncle Dave and said "Uncle Dave, you better
run, I'm gonna shoot you." He said that Uncle Dave did run and that "he cut the bushes
for him to run by." One of his friends asked if he would have really shot his uncle and
he replied, "Sure, he was on the wrong side."
      Dave came into the house and had Tilda fix him some food to put in his haversack.
Mac was there and so were Bill and Jim. Dave said to Mac, "Every one of 'ems dead".
Mac asked him how he knew and he replied that he'd been down there watching and
"every one of 'ems dead". Mac asked, "How in the _____ did the last one die, did he
kill himself?'.
      One day Dave came in to find Bill and Jim sleeping by the fireplace. He told his
wife to get them out of the house. She told Dave they were tired and they were
kinfolks, let them sleep. He said he did not care, to get them out, they had been trying
to kill him all day.