Son of
John M. Scalf & Rosannah “Cody” Hubbard
Isaac<John M<Peter<John Sr<Lewis Scalf

Isaac Scalf, son of John M. Scalf and Rosannah “Cody” Hubbard, was born April 1, 1884 in Laurel County, Kentucky. Isaac married Clara Hurley in Laurel County January 21, 1905. Ike and his brother Jesse were married on the same day. Ike entered the service in 1901 and was discharged in 1905. He served in the Philippines and the Kentucky Coast Artillery Corps. Clara was the daughter of Ance Hurley born 1859 and died 1923. Her mother was Susie Gaines Hurley. Isaac “Ike” died June 1, 1935.

This is the painted portrait of Isaac Scalf. He looks like a teenager.

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