Chapter 14 - Dicey Scalf

Daughter of

John Scalf, Sr. & Edeah Carlisle




Dicey Scalf, daughter of John Scalf, Sr. is believed to have been born about 1800 according to Elmer D. Scalf, author of Scalf Family History, page 36. We have been unable to find records to confirm exactly when Dicey was born.


Information concerning Dicey Scalf has been scarce and numerous efforts have been made to confirm her birth date as well as her marriage with few results. Several theories come to mind concerning who Dicey Scalf married. This chapter will deal with what has been determined concerning the family of Dicey Scalf Williams.  


There is no doubt that John Scalf and Edeah (Edy) Carlisle Scalf had a daughter named Dicey and that she married a Williams. The existence of Dicey Scalf is not in question. The statements of Patsy Counts Scalf from the pension file of John Scalf, Sr, confirm the names of all the children of John and Edy Carlisle Scalf.  (See page 3 of Patsy Counts Scalf statement in Hawkins County, 1845)  (Page 3)


We are indebted to Patsy (sister-in-law) of Dicey Scalf Williams for most of the information we have acquired concerning these children. Studies of the available census records suggest significant doubt that Dicey was married to John Williams of Hamilton County, Tennessee as believed by prior researchers and listed in Chronicles of the Scalf Family by Henry P. Scalf as well as Scalf Family History by Elmer D. Scalf.


The focus of this chapter is to present the evidence obtained in order to assist researchers in the research of Dicey Scalf Williams. The available records do not support the theory that Dicey Scalf Williams was married to John Williams of Hamilton County (Chattanooga) Tennessee.


Gwen McLaughlin, a descendent of John Williams of Hamilton County, Tennessee has in her possession a document that refutes John Williams as the husband of Dicey Scalf. John’s son Ira made application to the Cherokee Nation in which he stated his mother’s name. 


In his application, Ira Williams stated that Mahala Stover (or Stoner) was his mother. Ira is listed on the 1850 census of Hamilton County, Tennessee at the age of 14 in the home of his father and his mother had died by this time. This is the same Ira Williams listed in the book, Scalf Family History, by Elmer Scalf and Chronicles of the Scalf Family by Henry P. Scalf.


Gwen McLaughlin faxed the application made by Ira William to the Cherokee Nation to me and a thorough study of the names in the application was made. Gwen and I both agree that the maiden name of Mahala, first wife of John Williams and mother of Ira Williams, was either Stover or Stoner and most likely Stover. It certainly does not appear to be Scalf or any variant spelling of the name.


We have no knowledge of how prior writers of the Scalf family determined that John Williams of Hamilton County, Tennessee was the husband of Dicey Scalf as no documentation was reported. Several theories come to mind that might have caused the earlier writers to think John Williams of Hamilton County, Tennessee was Dicey’s husband. However, we will not attempt to guess at the thoughts of those who are no longer able to comment on this. Both Elsie Payne Archer and Henry P. Scalf are deceased. Elmer D. Scalf is in ill health and unable to correspond with us on this information.


We believe the pension file of John Scalf, Sr. is the key to possibly solving our dilemma concerning who the husband of Dicey Scalf might have been.


As mentioned above, documentation for the wife of John Williams of Hamilton County, Tennessee was presented by a descendent and in the opinion of this researcher, firmly discounts John Williams of Hamilton County as being the husband of Dicey Scalf. Not only was it mentioned in the application of Ira Williams to the Indian Nation but it was also stated in other family member applications. An email message from Gwen McLaughlin is provided here and to support these statements.


“I found the supporting letter for my ancestor Ira Williams.  It was written by a Nancy Ann Mitchell.  She states, "I know him to be the son of John Williams who resided Near Chattanooga Tennessee & Know that his mother next 3 words are scribbled out, then Williams with a line drawn through it then it looks like M Stover or Stoner. 


“Indian application for the collateral line that went through Ira Williams' Sister is filled out by the grandson and he plainly states that his grandmother was Mahala Stover/Stoner.


“John Williams that is found in Hamilton Co. Tn. in 1850 was first married to Mahala Stoner/Stover.  I am not sure as yet which it is, Stoner or Stover. I know this to be a fact from two Indian Applications from two different legs of his descendants. Both applications state this but it is hard to determine if it is an n or a v in the name. At first, I thought it was Stoner but there were some Stovers in Hamilton Co. So I am trying to figure this out.


My Grandfather always told us that his father was Henry, who died when Grandpa was 5 and that his grandparents were Ira and Sarah Williams. I have census' showing Henry at home with his parents Ira and Sarah Williams.  I have a census with Ira still at home with his father John Williams and some siblings in Hamilton Co. Tn. I also have a Civil War pension application filed by Ira's wife Sarah. In it she states that she married Ira Williams in Chattanooga, Tn on 18 November 1855. In a supporting letter, Sarah's sister Millie (Perry) Watkins states that her sister Sarah married Ira Williams and that her mother moved onto the farm of John Williams, father of Ira.  She states that was at Chattanooga Tennessee. That is how Sarah met Ira. I have an Indian application where Ira was making application to the Cherokee nation. There are two witness that wrote supporting letters. One said about Ira, "I know him to be the son of John Williams of the old Nation now Tennessee and know that he resided near Chattanooga Tennessee. " The other witness said, "I know him to be the son of John Williams who resided near Chattanooga Tennessee and know that his mother was M. Stoner or Stover. (I can't tell if it is an n or v). John Williams (Hamilton Co Tn) had a daughter, Martha Jane who married John Fox.  Their son Jon Fox made application to the Cherokee Nation and in his application he names the wife of John Williams as Mahala Stoner or Stover can't determine if an n or v. Mahala died before 1850 because she was not on the 1850 Hamilton Co. Census with her husband. John married two more times after that and then moved to Ga. where he died. I have a document of disposition where some of Johns children were disposing of his property when he died.” (Email from Gwen McLaughlin, Wednesday, August 04, 2004 10:36 AM)


Family of John Williams of Hamilton County, Tennessee from the 1850 census.


1850 Hamilton CO TN           8 November 1850       District 27


WILLIAMS, John        M         62        1788    NC

            Sarah               F          37        1813    NC

            Margie             F          16        1834    TN

            Ira                    M         14        1836    TN

            Martha             F          13        1837    TN

            Ann                  F          12        1838    TN

            Sophia              F            8        1842    TN

            Mary                F            6        1844    TN

            Emily                F            4        1846    TN

            Calvin               M           1        1849    TN


Gwen’s email stated that John Williams married two times after his first marriage and that he died in Georgia. Neither of these wives could have been Dicey Scalf. Mahala Stover/Stoner was the first wife and Sarah was the second wife of John Williams. We have no information on the third wife.


In view of this information we turn to the pension file of John Scalf, Sr.


John Scalf, Sr. made application for his Revolutionary pension in Hawkins County, Tennessee in July of 1837. It was required that several folks make statements concerning John’s character and whether they believed he was a Revolutionary Soldier. One of the folks mentioned in these papers was Squire Williams.  


John had been admitted to the pension rolls by October of 1837 and was then dropped from the rolls by September of 1838.


John then appealed to Abraham McClellan for help in restoring his pension. Abraham McClellan, representative of the county of Sullivan (Blountville) Tennessee did inquire by letter to Mr. Edwards in Washington. Mr. McClellan then received a letter from Mr. Edwards concerning the pension. In his response, Mr. Edwards requested further information concerning John Scalf, Sr.


Mr. McClellan responded to Mr. Edwards with the following statement:


Mr. Scalf resides about 75 miles from me and I have not been able to learn much in relation to the facts which you wish to know.  I have seen since the reception of your letter, a gentleman by the name of Kildair who is a neighbor of Scalf, — he says that Thos. Pratt, the witness in the case is an old man whose word is intitled to some credit, but it is believed in the neighborhood that he is deceived about this man and that Scalf is not old enough to have been in the Revolution.  The other witnesses are Sons in law of Mr. Scalf.  So says my informant.” (McClellan to Edwards-Oct. 22,1838)


We believe the statement from Mr. Kildair (informant) to Mr. McClellan concerning the witnesses in the case of John Scalf, Sr. confirms that Squire Williams was a son-in-law of John Scalf, Sr. In her deposition Patsy Counts Scalf meticulously named each child of John and Edy Carlisle Scalf and she named Dicey as “Dicey Williams.” Patsy also stated the number of children of each married child by 1845. We do believe that the number “19” listed for Brittan’s children was incorrect and most likely due to an unintentional stroke of the old quill pen by the clerk.  However, the possibility that there were 19 children cannot be ruled out. 


Another witness was Thomas Lockard, husband of Cecelia (Sela) Scalf Lockard, daughter of John Scalf, Sr. (See statement of Thomas Lockard)  (Lockard, Dec- 1838)


Another witness who made a statement was Alexander Trent, husband of Mary “Polly” Scalf Trent, daughter of John Scalf, Sr. (See statement of Alexander Trent)  (Trent-Dec.1838)


Squire Williams stated that he had known John Scalf, Sr. for fifteen years. This would calculate to a date of 1823. (See statement of Squire Williams) (Williams-Dec.1838)


The year 1823 also places John Scalf, Sr. in Russell County, Virginia. John Scalf, Sr. and Squire Williams were both found in Russell County, Virginia listed on the 1830 census. Squire Williams was likely in his father’s home before 1830. This may have been in Russell County, Virginia or elsewhere. There is a possibility that Squire was part of the Russell County, Virginia Williams family; however, he could just as easily have been part of the Hawkins County, Tennessee Williams family.


The following census of 1830 shows the family of Squire Williams in 1830. 


1830 Russell County, Virginia


Squire Williams

Two males        <5                    1825 – 1830 – John and ?

One male          20 – 30            1800 – 1810  - Squire

One female       <5                    1825 – 1830  - ?

Two females     5 – 10              1820 – 1825  - ? - ?

One female       20 – 30            1800 – 1810 


Note that the oldest children of Squire Williams were born 1820 – 1825. If Squire had known John Scalf, Sr. for around 15 years, Squire and Dicey could have married around 1823 with the first child being born 1824 – 1825. There were two females in 1830 with birth dates ranging from 1820 – 1825. One child could have been born 1823 and one in 1825 depending on the date of marriage for Dicey and Squire. Note that the wife here was born 1800 – 1810. Elmer Scalf lists a definite birth date of 1800 for Dicey. However, we do not know of any documentation for this.


By 1840, most of the married children of John Scalf, Sr. were living in Hawkins County, Tennessee. At least three of the sons of John Scalf, Sr. were living in Kentucky at this time. These were Peter, Jesse and Robert Scalf.


Living in Hawkins County, Tennessee were John and Edy Carlisle Scalf; Alexander and Mary “Polly” (Scalf) Trent; Thomas and Cecelia (Scalf) Lockard; John Jr. and Martha “Patsy” (Counts) Scalf and Ira and Rosanna Gibson Scalf.


We cannot say with complete certainty, but we believe that Betsy (Scalf) Collins and her sister, Nancy (Scalf) Collins were also living in Hawkins County, Tennessee at this time. 


The following family may or may not be the family of Dicey Scalf Williams.


Squire Williams          1840 Hawkins County, TN


One male          5 – 10              1830 – 1835 – Peter

Two males        10 – 15            1825 – 1830  - John and ?

One male          30 – 40            1800 – 1810  - Squire

Two females     <5                    1835 – 1840  - Eliza and Jane

One female       5 – 10              1830 – 1840  - ?

Two females     15 – 20            1820 – 1825  - ? and ?

One female       20 – 30            1810 – 1820  - Eliza


The 1840 census of Squire Williams shows two older males born 1825 – 1830. One of these males could have been John listed on the 1850 census as 21 years old and born in 1829. The other male was most likely married by 1850. John might have been disabled in some way or had simply not married at this time.


Peter was born 1833 according to the 1850 census. On the 1840 census there is one male aged 5 – 10 and born 1830 – 1835.


Eliza and Jane from the 1850 census were twins and born about 1835. There were two older females in the home in 1840 born 1820 – 1825 and another one born 1830 – 1835. The two older females were likely married by 1850 and it is possible that the female born 1830 – 1835 was also married or may have died.


We cannot determine with certainty that Esquire Williams from the 1850 census of Hawkins County, Tennessee was the same person as Squire Williams from the 1830 and 1840 census. However, it is the opinion of this researcher that he was. This opinion is based on the similarities between the 1850 and 1860 census of Hawkins County, Tennessee.


Dicey is listed in Scalf Family History, page 36 with a birth date of 1800. We have no documentation concerning Dicey’s date of birth and none is listed in either Henry or Elmer’s books. Considering this, we assume Dicey’s birth date to have been speculation and she may have been born either earlier or later than 1800.


If correct, Squire’s wife in 1850 (Eliza) could have been Dicey Eliza Scalf or Eliza Dicey Scalf.  The fact that there have been no records found of Dicey Scalf, along with the fact that many Williams’ descendents have no information on a Dicey Scalf in the family suggests that the Williams descendents might know Dicey by another name.


The 1850 census lists the wife of Esquire Williams as Eliza, age 40 and born 1810. However, the 1860 shows her age to be 54 and born 1806, which would be nearer the age of Dicey Scalf if earlier researchers were correct about her year of birth.


1850 Hawkins Co. TN           16 November 1850     District 8


Williams, Esquire          49        1801    TN       Male

            Eliza                 40        1810    TN       Female

            Peter                17        1833    TN       Male

            Eliza                 15        1835    TN       Female

            Jane                 15        1835    TN       Female

            Nancy               7         1843    TN       Female

            James               6         1844    TN       Male

            Looney             5         1845    TN       Male

            Alexander         3         1847    TN       Male

            John                 21        1829    TN       Male



On the 1850 census, the next child after Eliza and Jane was Nancy listed as 7 years old in 1850 and born 1843. It is very possible that Nancy’s age was misstated. On this census there is eight years difference in the ages of Eliza, Jane and Nancy. Although it could be considered that several children were born and died in this time span, it could also be assumed that Nancy was born earlier than 1843. We have no way of knowing at this point.


The same could be said for the next child (James born 1844). However, the last two children, Looney and Alexander were born 1845 and 1847 according to the census of 1850.


Going to the 1860 census, we find that Nancy’s age was consistent from the 1850 census and a birth date of 1843 is again calculated. Note on the 1860 census that James born 1844 from the 1850 census is missing and there is now a James C. Williams age 5 months and born 1860. James from the 1850 census would have been 16 years old in 1860. We believe this James had died.


The next child born after James in 1850 was Looney, born 1845. Note that Looney is not listed in 1860 but “Squire” appears on the 1860 census with a birth date calculated at 1847. We believe Squire and Looney were the same person. Our reasoning for this is the fact that Alexander from the 1850 census had a birth date calculated at 1847. Alexander appears on the 1860 census as 11 years old with a birth date calculated at 1849. Alexander should have been 13 years old in 1860. Alexander was the last child born to Squire and Eliza by 1850 according to the 1850 census.


In 1860, Squire and Eliza have an additional four children.


Perry was the oldest child of the four additional children and was 9 years old with a calculated birth date of 1851, just one year after the census of 1850.


Andrew was 6 years old with a calculated birth date of 1854.

Juritta was 2 years old with a calculated birth date of 1858.


Last, was James C. at 5 months old with a calculated birth date of 1860.  


John, age 21 in 1850 and born 1829 is not listed on the 1860 census and may have married or died by 1860.


The enumerator was certainly having a difficult time with this census, as the children are all listed out of birth order and most likely their ages were off as well.


In the neighborhood of Squire Williams were two Collins families, Asa Collins and wife Betti and Alford Collins and wife Milly. Squire was family #664 and Asa was family #668 with Alford living next door to Asa. This may or may not be significant in determining these families.


1860 Hawkins Co. TN           9 July 1860     Rogersville     9th District


Williams, Squire                        55        1805    VA       male

            Eliza                             54        1806    TN       female

            Nancy A.                     17        1843    TN       female

            Juritta                           2          1858    TN       female

            James C.                      5/mo    1860    TN       male

            Alex Williams               11        1849    TN       male

            Squire “                        13        1847    TN       male

            Andrew                        6         1854    TN       male

            Perry                            9         1851    TN       male


Jane and Eliza (twins) from the 1850 census are missing from the 1860 census and most likely married by 1860. Peter and John from the 1850 census are missing in 1860 as well. All of these children would have been old enough to marry by 1860 and may have married or possibly died.


We do believe this is the same Williams family as the one in 1850 and Squire in 1860 was Esquire in 1850. His wife is still Eliza but her birth date calculates nearer to Dicey Scalf’s birth date in 1860.  It is the opinion of this researcher that this is the family of Squire Williams and Dicey Scalf Williams until further information can prove otherwise.


Note that Squire Williams had eight children by 1840. Patsy Counts Scalf stated in her deposition in Hawkins County, Tennessee that Dicey Williams had 10 children by 1845. The census records show that Squire Williams was the father of eight children in 1840 and could very well have had two more children by 1845.


Alexander and Looney Williams were both found living in Hawkins County, Tennessee with their wives in 1870. We have not found the maiden name of the wives, nor have we found any of the other children of Squire Williams at this time. The Williams research is much like the Smith research. There were many of them and sorting them out into the proper families is certainly a challenge.


Squire and Eliza Williams were not found after 1860. However, their son Alexander had married to Adelaide ____? They were most likely married in the year the census was enumerated. Alexander’s brother Looney and his wife Sallie were also living in Hawkins County in the Lee Valley area. Alexander was living at Rogersville. 


1870 Hawkins Co. TN           14 June 1870              Rogersville     District 10


Williams, Alexander                  22        1848    VA

            Adelaide                       18        1852    NC



1870 Hawkins Co. TN           12 July 1870               Lee Valley      District 2


Williams, Looney                      24        1846    TN

            Sallie P.                        19        1851    TN

Sherrod, Dorotha                     50        1820    NC      Relationship not given


Interestingly, the Williams history states that Sherrod Williams married Mary “Polly” Looney, daughter of Michael Looney in Hawkins County, Tennessee around 1814. We suspect this might be a Sherrod Williams that was a son of one of the early Williams family of either Russell County, Virginia or Hawkins County, Tennessee. The older Sherrod Williams was born 1750 – 1760 and would have been 54 – 64 years old in 1814 if the marriage date is correct. Mary “Polly” Looney might have been a second marriage, however.


We find it interesting that Squire Williams named a son Looney coupled with the fact that a Dorotha SHERROD was living in Looney’s home in 1870. One might suspect that she was the mother of Sallie (wife of Looney); however, a Sarah Williams was found on the 1880 census with a child named Looney. This may or may not be Looney’s wife from the 1870 census. The name Sherrod and Looney suggest a relationship to Mary “Polly” Looney and Sherrod Williams but this could also be coincidental.


Since Sallie was a “nickname” for Sarah we believe this could be the wife of Looney from the 1870 census. Looney was not in the home but Sarah was listed as married, not widowed or divorced. We have not been able to locate a Squire or Looney Williams around the right age on the census records and this suggests he might have died before 1880.


This Sarah Williams was living with Dolly or Sally Wise, age 78, a widow, who is listed as Sarah’s mother.


1880 Hawkins Co. TN           8 & 9th day of June 1880       District 2


Wise, Sally (Dolly?)                  78        1802                TN TN TN

Williams, Sarah                         36        1844                TN TN TN daughter

            Looney                         10        1870                TN TN TN g-son

            Lida                               6         1874                TN TN TN g-dau

            Lillie                               4         1876                TN TN TN g-dau

            Hugh                            6/mo     1880 Nov.       TN TN TN g-son



Considering the documentation provided by Gwen McLaughlin along with the pension file of John Scalf, Sr., we believe that John Williams of Hamilton County, Tennessee was not the husband of Dicey Scalf Williams.


However, we will present here information that has been gathered concerning the census records of Brannam/Branham Williams who is listed in prior writings of the Scalf family as a son of Dicey Scalf.


Information from Collins researchers state that Brannam/Branham Williams was a grandson of Vardy (Vardiman) Collins and Margaret “Peggy” Gibson Collins It is stated also that Brannam/Branham was the son of Timothy Williams and Lucretia Collins. Lucretia was the daughter of Vardy and Margaret.


The 1850 census of Hawkins County, Tennessee shows Branum Williams living in the home of Vardy Collins.



Son of

Timothy Williams and Lucretia Collins


1850 Hawkins CO TN           3 December 1850       Subdivision 33


COLLINS, Varda                    M         86        1766    NC

            Margarett                     F          77        1773    NC

WILLIAMS, Branum               M         17        1833    TN


By 1860, Branham/Brannum Williams had married and had one child whom he named Timothy.


1860 Hancock CO TN           12 July 1860                           Panten Creek District


WILLIAMS, Branham M         24        1836    TN

            Lousia                          F          20        1840    TN

            Timothy                        M         10/12   1859    TN

PIPSON, Zach                         M           8        1852    TN


By 1870, Branham/Brannum Williams now has a wife named Eliza and is living in Hancock County. We believe that Eliza and Louisia were the same person. Brannum/Branham had five children in 1870. We believe that Zach PIPSON was actually Zach Gibson on the 1860 Hancock County census in the home of Branham Williams.


1870 Hancock CO TN           8 August 1870                        District 11


WILLIAMS, Branham M         37        1833    TN

            Eliza                             F          30        1840    TN

            Timothy                        M         11        1859    TN

            James                           M           9        1861    TN

            Charlie                         M           6        1864    TN

            Vesta C.                       F            3        1867    TN

            Christopher                  M         9/12     1869    TN


By 1880, Branham/Brannum is listed as B. H. Williams and still living in Hancock County in district 11. He has seven children at this time. It should also be noted that he named a son Shelby Jones Williams suggesting a possible Jones family connection.


1880 Hancock CO TN           17 & 18 June 1880                 District 11


WILLIAMS, B.H.        Head    51        1829    TN       NC      TN

            Eliza                 Wife     40        1840    TN       TN       TN

            Thimothy          Son      20        1860    TN       TN       TN

            James F.           Son      19        1861    TN       TN       TN

            Charles B.        Son      16        1864    TN       TN       TN

            Vesta C.           Dau      13        1867    TN       TN       TN

            Shelby Jones    Son        8        1872    TN       TN       TN

            Ruth                 Dau        5        1875    TN       TN       TN

            Winnie              Dau        3        1877    TN       TN       TN


Brannum is still living in Hancock County in 1900. His wife states she has ten children with six living. Four of these children were in the home. Two were probably married at this time. Timothy is still living with his parents. In the home are two boarders, Thomas Moore and John Collins. John is 12 years old and is likely a grandson of Brannum.


1900 Hancock CO TN           20 June 1900              District 11


WILLIAMS, Bran??    Head       67     Oct 1832         TN       NC      TN

            Eliza                 Wife        64     Apr 1836         TN       TN       TN 10 born, 6 living

            Timothy            Son         40     Jul 1859           TN       TN       TN

            Vesty               Dau         33     Mar 1867         TN       TN       TN

            Winnie              Dau         22     Dec 1877         TN       TN       TN

            Edward            G-son        4     Sep 1895         TN       TN       TN

MOORE, Thomas        Boarder  20      Jan 1880          KY      TN       TN 

COLLINS, John          Boarder  12      Apr 1888         TN       TN       TN


By 1910 Eliza had died and Brannum now has a son-in-law, Dalton Collins living in the home. Dalton appears to be the husband of Vestie/Vistie Williams. Edward was the grandson of Brannum but does not appear to be the son of Dalton and Vestie because Vestie states she had one child born with none living.


1910 Hancock CO TN           15 April 1910              District 11


WILLIAMS, Branom      Head             78        1832    TN       TN       TN       WD

COLLINS, Dalton          Son in law     34        1876    TN       TN       TN

                  Vistie             Dau               35        1875    TN       TN       TN 1 born 0 living

                  Edward         Grandson      10        1900    TN       TN       TN




Son of

Branham Williams & Eliza ____


1900 Hancock CO TN           20 June 1900              District 11


WILLIAMS, James      Head    39        May 1861        TN       TN       TN

            Annie               Wife     42        Sep 1857         VA       VA       VA  4 born, 3 lining

            Hyram              Son      10        Sep 1889         TN       TN       VA

            Nancy S.          Dau        8        Mar 1892         TN       TN       VA

            Charlie             Son        5        Sep 1894         TN       TN       VA


1910 Hancock CO TN           15 April 1910              District 11


WILLIAMS, James      Head    48        1862                TN       TN       TN

            Annie               Wife     51        1859                VA       VA       VA   4 born, 2 living

            Hiram               Son      19        1891                TN       TN       VA

            Nassissie          Dau      17        1893                TN       TN       VA




Son of

Branham Williams & Eliza ____


1900 Hancock CO TN           20 June 1900              District 11


WILLIAMS,???ry        Head       28     Jun 1871          TN       TN       TN

            Louella             Wife        18     Jan 1882          TN       TN       TN 1 born, 1 living

            Iowa                Dau         2/12  Mar 1900         TN       TN       TN

GIBSON, Barbara       Aunt        72     Jan 1828          TN       TN       TN   13 born, 1 living

                 Dollie          Boarder  20      Jan 1880          TN       TN       TN


1910 Hancock CO TN           15 April 1910              District 11


WILLIAM, Shelby       Head    37        1873                TN       TN       TN

            Louella             Wife     27        1883                TN       TN       TN 5 born, 4 living

            Iowa                Dau      10        1900                TN       TN       TN

            Winnie              Dau        8        1902                TN       TN       TN

            Timothy            Son        5        1905                TN       TN       TN

            Brannum           Son        3        1907                TN       TN       TN



In conclusion, we believe the pension file of John Scalf, Sr. and census records of Russell County, Virginia and Hawkins County, Tennessee supports the opinion that Dicey Scalf married Squire Williams and that Squire Williams of Russell County, Virginia and Hawkins County, Tennessee was most likely the same person. Further research into this line of the family might produce more confirming evidence. Research is ongoing on this line.


Compiled by Margaret (Scalf) Fleenor 2005

Census records provided by Virgil Scalf 2005

Copyright (C) 2005-2008 by Margaret Fleenor, All Rights Reserved.