Thomas Jefferson Scalf and Martha Hammonds
20 AUG 1839 - 10 JUL 1909 23 NOV 1840 - 23 OCT 1896

Ellen  m. Press Davis  both burried in Catholic Cemetery, Loretto, Marion Co., KY.  He was a section foreman on the L&N in Somerset, KY. They lived there.
Nancy m. Willis (Wilk) Boughton Lived at Ft. Smith, AR
m. Nick Stone ?
Daley Boughton
Martha Boughton
Ellen Boughton
Thomas Boughton
E.S.(Elijah) m. Nannie Rice Elija owned a sawmill or handle factory in Somerset, KY and died from injury and buried there. According to Connie Scalf, the mill is still operated by the family there. 4 children died young. Elijah died in 1899.

Robert Scalf
Chester Scalf
Unknown (boy?)

Susie died single @19 years old buried in Scalf,KY
Henry S. m. Monnie Hoskins
m. Chestella Williams from Cumberland Gap. Henry moved to Knoxville (KY?) and raised their family. Connie Scalf told Lois McKeehan Jones that Chestella was from Boone, VA and is probably a sister of Howard Williams who operated a store near the Faber Methodist Church.
Bruce Scalf His wife was murdered at Knoxville (KY?) And he was tried for murder.
Unknown (Girl)
D.W. (Dow) m. Sarah Jarvis Disney Founder of Scalf Indian River Tonic in Lafollette, TN. Both buried in Lafollette, TN. But L.M. Jones reports she at Flat Lick.
Monnie m. Unknown Slusher
m. Unknown Patterson
My rough notes indicate Omar Clark Cox, retired railroad man, instead of Slusher. Was a nurse at Pineville Hospital when I visited. She has one son, a Presbyterian minister.
Lee m. Polly Mae Owens from Barbersville, KY and buried there.
Edward (E.O.) Retired from Army, lived in San Diego, CA. Did a lot of research to prove Scalf's came from nobility in Lombardy in N. Italy and originally from Germany. (FRSjr - First name is Edwin)
m. Julia UNKNOWN  Barber in New Smyrna, FL. Son still has barber shop there.

Clifton Scalf
Richie Scalf
Laura m. George Farley of Laurel Co., KY. She taught school at Pineville, WV (KY?). Both buried at Flat Lick, KY. She was born in 1879, died 1966.

Frank Farley
Ruby Farley
Axie m. William W. Crowder Lived and buried at Alexander, NC. The Crowder Press is operated by a family member at Jupiter, NC.
Elizabeth m. Nelson? Gray
Unknown (girl) m. Unknown Baird
Dr. Baird of Pineville is a grandson? According to Connie Scalf.
Johnny m. Sarah Lockhard 1877-1961. Lived at Hamyer in Knox Co. KY and sold patented medicines, salves and tonics. Had 12 children. [Rev 7/7/01 Hammond replaced by Lockhard per info Sandy Richardson <sandyrich> Sarah lived with Hammonds and went by that name off and on until married]
Cora B. Scalf
William (Bill) Scalf
Ben Scalf
Nannie Scalf
Mamie Scalf
Dudley Scalf
Vernon Scalf
Mable Scalf
Reid Scalf
James William m. Florence York Jimmy was born 16 JUN 1864 in Flat Lick, KY and died in Jellico TN on1 JUL 1919. He was a carpenter. Was said that he gathered herbs, including mountain gensing, and sold them for patent medicines. Florence was daughter of Andrew and Mary "Polly" York, born 25 NOV 1872 and died 27 NOV 1930 at the home of her daughter, Ethel McKeehan at Corbin, KY. They had 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls, born at different places as they moved around a lot. Lived mostly at Morley, near Jellico, TN. buried in Jellico, TN (unmarked?)
Andrew Oscar Scalf
J.W. "Jimmy" Scalf
Ethel Mertrue Scalf
Cecil I. Scalf
Robert Leffler Scalf
Gladys Marie Scalf
Euna Lee Scalf
John Scalf
James Scalf
Rhoda Scalf
Emma Scalf
Rev. Milton Scalf