The Scalf Family in America
Copyright (C) 2001-2021 Margaret Fleenor

Assisted by Virgil Scalf

PREFACE by Bob Scalf

This is the result of a very unique approach to writing a family history book.  Previous authors did not have the advantages of the Internet and much of their research was done in a few libraries, visits, mail correspondences, and court houses. Brothers Bob and Jim Scalf came up with the idea to write a book on line, but neither possessed the genealogical skills to lead such an effort. Experienced genealogists were needed to lead. In our knowledge there had always been someone who knew the "most" about the Scalf family. In 2001, that person was Margaret Scalf Fleenor.

Before contacting Margaret, we agreed on some basic guidelines for the effort. The book would be written and each part posted on our own web site on line. All written documents would be copyrighted and none would be posted on online web sites such as "Ancestry" because it was our opinion that they just turn around and sell ones own work back to us. We also agreed that we would pay all expenses associated with web site rental. We also hoped, when completed, the work would be made available in some form to the public as cheaply as possible. Everyone would be invited and encouraged to participate with all submissions being checked for accuracy as much as possible by Margaret.

With these guidelines we approached Margaret, she agreed and has done a masterful job. The continuous assistance of Virgil Scalf has been a great help to this project. My brother Jim and I have been mostly relegated to facilitators by providing the web site and keeping it mostly up to date. Thus began an effort to write the most complete history of the Scalf family that has been done to date, and as a book written on line with everyone participating.

We pay respectful tribute to Henry P. Scalf and Elmer Scalf for their previous works on the family and offer our sincere thanks to their families for allowing us to include the texts from their books on the web site. This has been a gracious gift to the readers as both books have been out of print for several years and are only available in a few libraries and personal collections.

I personally do not believe there will ever be another complete re-write of the Scalf family history. There will be corrections, additions, and updates and perhaps someone will find a way to identify and prove the family arrival in the United States. What is contained on his DVD is the very latest information that we know as of the date this DVD is published. Those of us who are currently at the center of this effort, Margaret, Virgil, Jim and I are well along in years. Unlike the past half century at least, we know of no one who is as knowledgeable about the family as Margaret and Virgil are. I personally am 84 years old as of this writing and am trying to complete this DVD and ensure the cost of the web site is paid for a few years. We have been unable to identify anyone who will continue this work.

My sincere thanks to Margaret and Virgil for doing such a time consuming and marvelous job at researching, checking and documenting the Scalf Family in America. Your work will be the benchmark by which all future Scalf family works are based and acknowledged. Thanks also to the very numerous people who participated in our effort to "write a book online". It has been your information that has helped to fill in many holes in the official record.