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(A group effort, you can help)

The Scalf Family in America

A Unique History by Margaret Fleenor,
Assisted by Virgil Scalf and Scalf's Everywhere
and One in Which You Can Participate


A friend sent along these photographs and asked for help in identifying the people.  Her mother received the photo from Cleo Rowland Winters. Cleo's parents were Ollie Mae Scealf Rowland and Elijah J. Rowland.  We would like to identify the young woman and children in the picture. The requester's mother is to left of the older woman. Thanks for your help.  If you know who they are, please email (spaces added to avoid email address harvesting):

b scalf @ nxs . net

BRITTAN SCALF NOTE: Updates have been added throughout this chapter since the first posting; however, please make special note of the section on Jeremiah and Sarah Brinstone Scalf, son of Brittan and Talitha Couch Scalf. If anyone has confirming/denying information on Sarah, it would be greatly appreciated.

ATTENTION  -  We would like to contact the person who left the following note on the web site on May 3. You did not leave a name or email address.  Please send a message to the following email address so we can respond:

I love the website. I an a direct descendent of John Scarf. Henry Scarf was my great grandfather. I have his civil war records and pension application for his wife Margaret Scalf. I am putting together all the info I have and the stories of Henry. Keep up the good work.

ATTENTION - the person who left the following post did not leave a name or email address and thus we cannot respond:

My grandmother was Ella Francis Scalf Jenkins born in Martin Co. KY and moved to Delbarton, WV. She died in July of 2003. Her father was Dallas Scalf who worked in the mines. She had, that I know of, three brothers - John, Estile, Robert and sisters Mary and Goldie. Are we connected?



Margaret needs little introduction to most of you.  Not since Elsie Payne Archer has anyone spent more time researching the Scalf Family or contributed to the content of more books and manuscripts.  Margaret has graciously agreed to lead the way in what we hope will be the most up-to-date and accurate account of The Scalf Family in America to date.

Virgil Scalf has provided major help to all of us with his excellent research and help with keeping the book pages up to date and emailing those who contact us looking for or providing information. The Margaret and Virgil team have been outstanding in leading us and providing the most thorough and accurate recording of the Scalf family in America.

Note that I said "lead" -- we have resources that Henry P. Scalf and Elmer D. Scalf did not have.  We have more computerized records and the communications capabilities of the internet.  There are too many missing pieces to the puzzle of our family history for one person to be able to discover.   In many cases, what we need to know does not even exist in a public record.  So, let's all dig into our own family records, ask relatives, find out facts, and send them to us.  The result we hope will be the most complete documentation of the family that can be created at this time. 

Keep in mind as Margaret and Virgil collect and write that they will attempt to carefully tell us what they believe is fact, what is likely, and what is pure guesswork.  This will not reflect on you as the submitter, only how well we are able to verify the information. 

I need to clarify something right here -- please read and understand.  There are several organizations and companies "out there" collecting what we freely give and putting it on web sites and on CDROM's and selling it back to us.  We have no intention of profiting from either what Margaret writes herself, or what she writes from what you submit.  It is necessary, however, to Copyright this material to prevent others, who are not so altruistically inclined, from profiting from it.  Therefore, we will Copyright all parts of the manuscript to ensure that you always have FREE access to it.  If you see a problem with this, please let us know.

The new writings are available using the link below which takes you to another index, or by using the working index below.

So, click HERE or BELOW and let The Scalf  Family in America begin.

Manuscript Chapters:
Chapter 01 - Lewis Scalf 1745-1839
Chapter 02 - David S. Scalf

Chapter 03 - Dave and Susan (now included in Chapter 2)
Chapter 04 - Malachi Scalf (now included in Chapter 2)
Chapter 05 - Benjamin Scalf, Sr.
Chapter 06 - Misc. Scalf Families
Chapter 07 - John Scalf, Sr. (Part 1)
Chapter 07 - John Scalf, Sr. (Part 2)
Chapter 07 - John Scalf, Sr. (Part 3)
Chapter 07 - John Scalf, Sr. (Part 4)
Chapter 07 - John Scalf, Sr. (Part 5)
Chapter 08 - Penelope (Pennie) Scalf Parker
Chapter 09 - William Scalf son of Lewis Scalf
    Children of John Scalf, Sr.
Chapter 10 - Nancy Scalf Collins
Chapter 11 - Mary Polly Scalf Trent
Chapter 12 - John Scalf, Jr.
Chapter 13 - Brittan Scalf 
Chapter 14 - Dicey Scalf
Chapter 15 - Lydia Scalf Painter
Chapter 16 - Berryman Scalf
Chapter 17 - Lee Scalf
Chapter 18 - Ira Scalf
Chapter 19 - Jesse Scalf
Chapter 20 - Peter Scalf
Chapter 21 - Betsy Scalf Collins 
Chapter 22 - Robert Scalf
Chapter 23 - Celia Ann Scalf

"Chronicles of the Scalf Family" by Henry P. Scalf of Stanville, Kentucky.  This is a re-typing of the original book written and copyrighted in 1970 by the author. It is made available here by the generous permission of his son, Albert Scalf, with the knowledge that most of you do not have access to the original book.

"Scalf Family History" by Elmer D. Scalf is complete except for adding a few photographs. This is a re-typing of Elmer's original book written and copyrighted in 1982 by the author.

John Silas Scalf Medicine books - John Silas Scalf was a self-taught mountain medicine man. He was always addressed as Doc Scalf. He operated a small laboratory in his home. In this laboratory he produced many different kinds of ointments, salves, and herb tonics for all the aliments that plagued his neighbors. He developed the Scalf's Indian River Medicine.  Click here to read about his medicine books and additional information.

Scaff, Skagg, and Lyons-Scalf
     ... we have information and links to these families who are directly related.

Scaff / Scaggs - Homepage of Herschel Skaggs from William Littleton Scaff line (Son of Lee Scalf).
 Lots of photos of this line.


*        Lyon(s)-Scalf Families of Sullivan Co., TN:

*       A website containing a large history collection in .pdf file format for the Lyon(s)-Scalf Family. The collection traces the ancestors & descendents of Mary Liddie Scalf, of Sullivan Co., TN (daughter of Isaac Scalf & Nannie Mae Glover; granddaughter of Benjamin Scalf & Lydia Mayfield) and Mary’s husband James Andrew “Jim” Lyons (son of William H. “Bill” Lyons & Florance Woods; grandson of Landon C. Lyon & Louisa Glover). The family history begins in  the mid-1500’s for the Scalf family. The site includes hundreds of old and current family pictures, current family history information, multiple cemetery transcripts, list of family surnames and much more.



For owners of Scalf Family History by Elmer D. Scalf, I have posted Gene Scalf's ALPHABETICAL INDEX for the Scalf Family History. Click HERE to use or download it.

New Feature - Search & Display Your Family Tree

This is an exciting feature.   We are now able to allow you to search one of our databases.  There are many other entries and corrections to be made in Scalf and other connecting families so this will be constantly evolving as research proceeds.

Click on the above link and check it out.

Please Note:

In Chapter VII - John Scalf, Sr. (Part 1)  under "The Early Years", there is a paragraph that began  "This document is the most difficult to read and for this reason, it will not be posted at this time."  That paragraph has been removed and an attempt to read and present the contents of the statement by John Scalf has been inserted. We will soon link that to a copy of the original document.


Nov. 5, 2010   -- Chapters 2,3,4 combined into new Chapter 2, David S. Scalf. This is a MAJOR
                              re-write and upgrade of this chapter.

July 17, 2010 -- Chapter 6, Misc. Scalf Families has been updated. Now includes Skelf.

NOTE: Updates have been added throughout this chapter since the first posting; however, please make special note of the section on Jeremiah and Sarah Brinstone Scalf, son of Brittan and Talitha Couch Scalf. If anyone has confirming/denying information on Sarah, it would be greatly appreciated.

Nov 24, 2008 -- Chapter 23 - Celia Ann Scalf is posted.  This chapter ends the writings of the sixteen children of John Scalf, Sr. and Edeah (Edy) Carlisle Scalf. John and Edy had fourteen living children with descendents. Celia Ann Scalf Lockard was the last known child of John and Edy.

July 19, 2008 -- Chapter 22 - Robert Scalf is posted.  This chapter continues the level of excellence being achieved with recent efforts.  The detail of these works and the accompanying references continue to demonstrate the quality, thoroughness, and importance in this new history of The Scalf Family in America.

A really special new addition -- Chapter 20 - Peter Scalf has been posted today, July 15, 2007. As Virgil put it, "This was a very large chapter. Margaret spent a tremendous amount of time on this project and did a wonderful job. She is amazing! The section on old Peter is extremely well done and should clear up a lot of fuzzy history."  Virgil has been a major contributor to this work and a list of other contributors is contained at the end of the Chapter. Both Margaret and Virgil devote huge amounts of time and resources to communicate with family members all around the world, research records, and put these giant puzzles together.  They both deserve our frequent thanks for their efforts.  Thanks also to all of you who have spent a lot of time helping gather and sort out the information required.

The Peter Scalf chapter continues the most accurate and complete history of the Scalf Family in America.  Nothing can replace the groundbreaking work of Henry P. Scalf, or the large leaps and bounds made by Elmer Scalf.  However, "The Scalf Family in America", by Margaret Fleenor with the great research assistance of Virgil Scalf and an army of contributors, is on the threshold of becoming the most complete and accurate work on the family that has ever been done.  The Internet and the resulting contact with more contacts and sources than have been available in the past has been instrumental in this great work. It is my (Bob Scalf) prediction that this will become the definitive work on the Scalf family and that we will never again see such a complete work.  I believe there will be many additions, corrections and clarifications as we continue to learn more and more about the Scalf family history, but they will build upon this work rather than replace it.  Well done Margaret & Virgil !!!

These updates and original works on Lee, Berryman, Ira, Jesse and now Peter each represent months of outstanding research.  These chapters represent a marked step forward in their thoroughness, involvement by many family branches, and quality and number of online supporting documents.  (Our web site is about 3 times over the allocated storage space, but the provider has been graciously allowing us to do this).  Virgil has done a great job putting together "Scalf Family Land Grants & Purchase Records" and  Death Certificates

PLEASE NOTE:  We still have the Bulletin Board on delayed posting because of some smut monger problems. Please continue to use it and I will screen and post your messages as soon as possible.  If you have sent comments to us in the comment log and would like them posted on the open board, just let me know.

Please read the Introduction on your first visit to see what we are about. The latest revision of this Introduction was done on August 1, 2005, so you may want to take another look.

Bob Scalf

Have you heard of Scalf's Indian River Medicine? Have you seen a bottle of it and checked the contents? Well, here's a lot about that part of our family history -- click HERE to have a look.

SPECIAL FEATURES:  Search Our Site ... we still have a lot of pages to complete and display, but you can search what we have now using our search capability. If you want to communicate needs or information to other users, try using our Bulletin Board.

This picture was found behind a framed picture of France "Frank" Scalf, the son of William M. Scalf & Joicy Ann Jackson. Can you identify this family??

We can no longer say that this is a brand new work in progress, but it is far from an exact science. Be patient as we try to grow it each day.  We would like to implement a way for you to identify with a family branch and be led to the information on that branch.

Occasionally we will present a document in "Adobe Acrobat" format. These files have a file-type of .PDF and you will need a copy of the  free Adobe Acrobat Reader to display these.

Bob & Jim Scalf - Decendents of Edward Scarfe (Scalf)
                               - 10 Generations -

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