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Specifically, in the beginning, we will collect and post changes to:

   Chronicles of the Scalf Family by Henry P. Scalf

   Scalf Family History by Elmer D. Scalf

   Descendents of Edward Scarfe published by Gladys Scalph Schuerg

The birthdate of Sarah Humphreys is typed wrong in Excerpts from
notebook records in possession of and written by Mattie Scalf Humphreys
at Watauga, TN in 1967
under Family Records.  [I had duplicated the
date of Mattie on the line above, Feb 15, 1887 instead of the correct date:
April 7, 1906. ... Bob Scalf]

Under the chapter of Robert Scalf (son of John Scalf Sr) in the books,
Chronicles of the Scalf Family and Scalf Family History, and
Descendent Chart of Gladys Schuerg. the following correction
should be noted:

The wife of Great Brittan Scalf (son of Robert and Patsy Jackson Scalf) was
Louisa Emmaline DOWELL - not DARNELL - as listed in the books and the
descendant chart. The name is indicated on the death certificate of their
daughter, Myrtle Frances Scalf Harman and submitted to Margaret Fleenor on
10/26/02 by the grandson of Myrtle and great-grandson of Great Brittan and
Louisa Emmaline DOWELL SCALF, Mr. Jonathan Harman.