Patty Anderson <S J A S A A B @> writes:

I believe my  Grandmother Ada Ileen Scalf was his 2nd or 3rd wife, I'm still researching.

Archibald Scalf
   +Laura Hulse
      Ada Ileen Scalf

Charles Mansfield Brooks b. in PA. lived to be 102 years old.
   James Harrison Brooks, b. 03/17/1840 in Union County, 
       Ohio  d. 01/03/1922. 
     +Julie Adams, b. 10/17/1844.
        William Charles Brooks, b. 10/03/1863, d. 11/24/1944.
            +Emma McGuire, b. 01/17/1866, d. 01/18/1953.
                They had 8 children.
                Charles Mansfield Brooks, b. 02/18/1886 in
                     Colburg, Iowa d. 1976
                  +Ada Ileen Scalf
                       Lola Mildred Brooks, (my Mother)
                          b. 04/30/1943, Essex, Iowa  d.10/02/1989
                          +Harold B. Rankin 02/28/1943 in New
                              Patty Rankin Brooks (me)
                                +________ Anderson

I need to fill in the blanks about my Grandmother's life. I have some info about her Father Archibald leaving his wife Laura in Tennessee and bringing Ada, Lola and John to Missouri. It was just last spring that I discovered via the internet  that she had so many other siblings.